Pulitha Profile Thumb


10 days ago

Last roommate ended up housing more than 5 people regularly, ate me and the other roommates food, trashed the place. Other than that pleasant experience so far

Aubrey Profile Thumb


18 days ago

Overall my experience so far has been positive. When I moved in my room was dusty and needed a little cleaning but other than that no issues. I only just put in my first maintenance request so I can't speak to the response speed yet. The staff is very nice and helpful. The only issues I've had is with the air conditioning. It works but it's been a little difficult to keep it cool on especially hot days.

Fiston Profile Thumb


21 days ago

2909 N Oliver is one of the best apartments here in Wichita in my opinion. I moved to this apartment about a year ago, and I really feel like home even though I'm not home. I feel secure in this apartment, I have my own room and bathroom, private is more important to me which I do have in my room. I have a nice roommates and friends who lives in the same apartment. I'm living in the middle of everything. Close to school, church and work. The staffs are nice and helpful, they answers all my questions, even maintenance people are nice

Fiston, thank you so much for your review. We are happy to hear that you are loving your mom away from home. Reach out if you ever need anything.

Jessi Profile Thumb


22 days ago

Only thing I can really complain about I'd the loud neighbors above us. Other than that I enjoy staying here, the staff is helpful and maintenance responds in a timely manner.

Jessi, if you are having issues after office hours please make sure to reach out to our courtsey officer.

Allison Profile Thumb


24 days ago

My overall experience is good, my unit specifically has had major problems with fecal flys coming out of our bathroom drains. So that's been the main dampener

Allison, if you need additional pest control services for your bedroom please make sure to submit a service request. They come out every Wednesday!

Hailey Profile Thumb


28 days ago

I have enjoyed living here, although I wish the gate would close at certain hours. This would make me feel safer. Also, the water pressure in my bathroom is pretty low and does not stay hot for long.

Avery Profile Thumb


2 months ago

more dumpsters around the parking lots are very nice and more convenient. please sweep the gym floor (it's not super bad but a little clean would be nice) and fix the broken treadmil.

We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. We've had the gym cleaned and the treadmills are repaired! Thank you for your feedback.