Sylvia M. Profile Thumb

Sylvia M.

5 days ago

my first two months have been okay. the only thing that’s sucked is maintenance. only giving a time period of when maintenance could possibly in the room sucks. it’s not hard to set a specific time and day for each building to have maintenance come. also if you’re going to have the pool closed for “maintenance” for a month you might want to lower rent or something

Kaira S. Profile Thumb

Kaira S.

10 days ago

Roommates were very rude and not clean. Overall it was a good experience staying there when they didn’t start stuff. The best rate i’ve ever seen an apartment have. Loved that the washer and dryer was in unit.

Allyson A. Profile Thumb

Allyson A.

11 days ago

Have no complaints about the apartment or staff. Maintenance is quick to fix any problems! Lost a star because the pool was closed for practically a month during the summer and we didn't get any reimbursement for being unable to use the amenity.

Emilee H. Profile Thumb

Emilee H.

11 days ago

The apartments are decent. Some rooms are big and some are pretty small. The kitchen is decently sized and the appliances all work pretty well. Maintenance is great when they actually address an issue, but getting them out to fix or replace something… The staff is hit or miss. Mediocre communication, especially when they are sending someone into your apartment. As a female, that’s high key not cool to have people show up basically unannounced and then just enter your apartment with a key given to them by the staff. There’s only one trash receptacle on site and if you don’t live in the buildings close to it, it’s kind of a hassle marching across the property. The pool is nice, except when people don’t follow simple rules and it gets shut down for weeks at a time… Great apartments for college students or first time renters.

Jaden B. Profile Thumb

Jaden B.

23 days ago

it was okay. good for the price. I had multiple instances where maintenance entered without 24 hour notice, left messes in the apartment, or left the door completely unlocked… So I would come home to a completely unlocked door.

Pedro M. Profile Thumb

Pedro M.

25 days ago

Great service and management. Clean environment. Fun events. Quiet and peaceful atmosphere great staff disappointed on pet breed restrictions

Christina G. Profile Thumb

Christina G.

26 days ago

Great complex friendly staff always ready to answer questions and help fix any issues that may come out . Maintenance is quick to answer to maintenance request and if they can’t fix it they will let you know .