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2 days ago

I love it at 2909. Rent is cheap and I have a great roomate. Having the pool, basketball courts, and field give me plenty of activities to do with friends. Only reason I didn’t give this place a 5 star is because the office hours don’t fill the needs of most the residents because people are usually busy from 10am to 5pm. Also the office is a giant clubhouse and it would pretty baller if it stayed open later so people can socialize in it.

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Ty Y.

2 days ago

Great location with fully furnished housing. Maintenance is quick and precise. The staff is friendly and very warming and welcoming and willing to help

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9 days ago

My experience has been great so far! I love all of the amenities Included and the staff has been very helpful! I am glad that I chose 2909 Oliver to be my new home!

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Alex S.

13 days ago

It's been a fun experience so far! Very nice friendly place, awesome community with great residents. If you are needing a nice place to live this is where you should look!

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Halirose F.

13 days ago

The staff and mantinence are helpful and kind. The qualms I have are how the rooms are so humid and old, it’s hard to reduce the humidity even with a dehumidifier. And since it’s old, mold loves to grow. I don’t like how the security gate isn’t working. I am a female who works late and comes home late. There’s have been people waiting in their cars in the parking lot, while I walked to my apartment, and someone walking to the front building at around midnight. I’d prefer extra security so cameras and getting the gate working would be nice.

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Mouneqe B.

16 days ago

It's okay so far. The apartment was nice when I moved in. However do not like paying for the electricity in the winter it way to much for college students to pay, the extra cost for electricity in the summer is around $20 winter time I'm almost paying 4x that amounts and wasn't happy at all.

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Leah S.

16 days ago

The staff have always been very by polite to me every time I come in to pick up my packages. The apartment was clean when I moved in. The pool is always clean and inviting. Neighbors are not loud and the event are fun and entertaining.

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Joel F.

17 days ago

I have thoroughly enjoyed living at 2909 this summer. the grounds are nice and the people are personable without being intrusive. Noise is a bit of a problem but what can you expect out of college kids.