Philip H. Profile Thumb

Philip H.

2 days ago

I have enjoyed living here so far. Move-in was easy, and so is paying my rent. Things are quieter than I expected and that is a good thing. Good vibes.

Alexander K. Profile Thumb

Alexander K.

3 days ago

Very good apartment and affordable living for college students. There are a lot of different amenities that I love using including the gym and pool.

Kacia H. Profile Thumb

Kacia H.

5 days ago

Love my living space and the staff here. The people here are amazing and very helpful. The cost and closeness to campus were major deal breakers for me.

Jacob F. Profile Thumb

Jacob F.

6 days ago

Love the place but I didn’t expect to have two roommates over the age of 30. Kind of weird. New roommates my age would be great. Besides the roommate problem that’s about it

Steven G. Profile Thumb

Steven G.

10 days ago

clean and attractive apartments same goes for the grounds. staff is friendly and the place is a good starter for anyone who needs to find a place to start

Rebekah K. Profile Thumb

Rebekah K.

17 days ago

It's a great community; I just wish that it had been cleaner when I moved in. The room had some stains and dirt. I was just expecting to have it cleaner when I moved in.

Maya H. Profile Thumb

Maya H.

17 days ago

It’s a nice place to live and very close to campus.It’s usually very quiet which is great for studying. Basically it’s perfect for a college student that may not want to live on campus.

Olivia P. Profile Thumb

Olivia P.

18 days ago

This place is convienient and affordable for those enrolled at WSU and are looking to live off campus. I do however wish that certain leasing rules where more flexible.